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Thursday, July 14, 2011

He's Gone Off the Deep End! My 5 Year Old's Swimming!

OK so I was just complaining that we haven't accomplished much this summer but that is almost sort of not true now, hurrah!

We have a swimmer!

Aidan (who is 5) jumped off the diving board yesterday into the 11 foot end and then swam to the side. OK well the jumping part was by himself and the swimming was by himself but he had a little help in the middle.

A HUGE far cry from the little boy who clung to me in the 5 foot "deep end" at my parents' pool just three weeks ago.

I took video of this. He says he looks like an alligator swimming to the edge and he's right, you only see his tiny head.

Having at least one swimmer for vacation this year is so much less stressful than having two non-swimmers and being at the beach and/or pool, right? And also, there is a chance that my 3 year old might have just grown out of chasing the tiny birds up the entire coast of the beach which means no more embarrassing running up the entire coast chasing him in my bathing suit!


I think this is going to be a good vacation.

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