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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Cars 2 Premiere: Pictures from the Red Carpet

Holy wow I can't believe I am back from LA already, what a whirlwind trip it was! I am so thankful to have been able to take this trip on behalf of 5 Minutes for Mom!

I have officially seen Cars 2 twice -- once for the press junket and then once again for the premiere. I am writing up my official Cars 2 review as we speak, but for now, I'll tell you about the red carpet experience.

We actually walked it!

Unfortunately, no one cared about who I was, no one shouted my name and asked me to stop and flash my shiny toothy smiley but the important thing to note here is that I did not fall. (Although I considered it briefly just to get someone to take my picture.)

I didn't get to stop and take too many pictures because we were being whirled on through but I did take a few:
 Owen Wilson!
All the people waiting for me to wave to them! Just kidding.
We saw the movie at the El Capitan theater with the cast and crew and that was really cool, we were sitting only a few rows away from Owen Wilson, Emily Mortimer, Bonnie Hunt, Joe Montegna and Larry the Cable Guy who coincidentally recognized us from our interview earlier and even called us out on having Tweeted about his chain-eating candy during the interview.

There was free popcorn and soda and so I got two buckets of popcorn because they came in really cool plastic Cars 2 buckets and it was sort of a pain to walk around the after-party with them (or after having eaten 2 buckets of popcorn, I'm not sure which was more difficult) but seeing the kids ogling at their Cars 2 buckets today makes it all worth it.

The Cars 2 premiere party was awesome! I felt a little funny taking pictures of the stars that were there so I didn't really (although one of us, I am not naming names, took a picture of the Beckam's butts and that was funny...)

But I did take a picture of these guys:

The star of the show!
Lightning McQueen!
I was panging for my kids all over the place because they had a really cool playground set up for the kids and a race track for them to pedal cars around and cotton candy and all sorts of kid-friendly stuff, it was hard to not miss them terribly!

So I consoled myself with this:

And that's the wrap!
Betcha wanna know how the movie was, huh?!

Stay tuned!!

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