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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do You Have a "Mom Uniform?"

One of two "mom uniforms." Shockingly, I did not have to scroll far to find a picture of it.

It occurred to me when I was packing for LA a couple of weeks ago that I have a few nice clothes but if I ever chose to wear them, I'd be way overdressed for my daily duties which include but are not limited to: blogging, computering, cleaning, exercising, volunteering at school, driving around in the minivan, being a sideline mom, etc etc etc.

It is either a dress, black pants and a dress shirt, or the daily mom uniform. There's really not much in between.

Yes I have a "mom uniform." Actually, I have two.

Last summer my mom uniform was a black tank top and cargo shorts.

This winter though, tank tops and shorts were out of the question and I turned to 1 of three dri fit triathlon teeshirts and my one pair of yoga pants, which are my go-to workout pants. I am wearing them right now.

They have since developed a small hole in the knee that only I can see, yet I refuse to retire them because I'm short and these are the only yoga pants in the world that fit my shortness.

Im a ball of hotness. I know.

However, the black tank top and cargo shorts are back. To me, it's a classic. To others, it's a "classic" they get to see when they don't see the dri-fit and yoga pants.

The "mom uniform" doesn't bother me until I see a mom dressed to the nines at dropoff for school, especially if I know she's of the stay at home variety, and then I pretend I'm off for a really heavy workout, even if I know I am not. Because a workout somehow justifies the uniform. Otherwise it's just me letting myself go. And who wants to admit that?

I've often wondered when moms turn the corner from stylish to "mom" where the mom jeans enter the picture, sneakers with jeans enter the picture only to complete the downward spiral in the form of the eventual housecoat with a Diet Rite in the pocket.

I thought in my 20s it happened abruptly.

I see now that it's gradual.

Because I have begun sneakers with jeans.

I would NEVER have done sneakers with jeans in a million years. Flip flops, yes. Boots, yes. Cute small heels, sure.

Sneakers, NEVER.

I tried to talk myself through it saying they were cool because they're black sneakers.

But really they're just sneakers.

The fashion decline has begun.

The slippery slope.

I notice myself troll through my closet only to pick out things that are in the following categories: "good enough" for today, "not dirty," and "haven't worn that in a day or two."

Also recently I was all excited inside about the St. Anthony's triathlon because I got a new dri-fit teeshirt in a girlie size that has now entered the rotation! Something new! Hurrah! (It's not good enough to be dri-fit, it has to be a GIRLIE fit too. The man-fit dri-fit doesn't work for me.)

I know.


I'm going shopping.

As soon as I have a window.

In a couple of weeks. Or so.

So I wonder, do you have a mom uniform? When did it begin?

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