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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Rio Premiere: Part II

OK here's the good stuff -- the real dish on the Los Angeles premiere of Rio!

After I ran around like a madperson trying on every outfit and put on red nail polish 10 minutes before walking out the door and plucked my unibrow, we headed down to the lobby to make our way to the "blue" carpet which was only a short walk away.

We had our own little "mommy blogger" corner of the blue carpet, (blue because the star of the movie is a sweet and loveable blue Macaw named, "Blu.") I had my good camera, my phone, my JVC home-movie video camera where I learned I am TERRIBLE at keeping a steady camera as you will see here, shortly, and a backup camera in my purse (just in case.)

The stars made their way one by one onto the carpet, first from the Black Eyed Peas, who wrote some of the music for the movie (by the way, the soundtrack is amazing with all the cool drums and rhythms and whatnots, it's totally in circulation in the minivan). plays "Pedro"
And then there was this cutie! None of us had seen him before but this was a pleasant surprise! I mean, he must be really nice!
Francisco Ramos, who plays the "lead Marmoset," one of the bad guys
And then there was Tracy Morgan and I went through all my photos and didn't get any where he didn't look like he was smelling something stinky at the time. But oh, how I love Tracy Morgan and his hilarious voice and his character in the movie, who really does seem to take on some of Tracy's facial expressions, stopping just short I am sure of putting a good, "Liz Lemon!" in there at some point.

Tracy Morgan in his best varsity sweater
 Then there was Jamie Foxx, who plays Nico.
Jamie Foxx
George Lopez, who plays a toucan named Rafael (married to another toucan and you might recognize her voice -- it's Wanda Sykes! Though she wasn't there.)
George put on a pink silly band for a little girl reporter standing next to us. Cute!
Anne Hathaway didn't talk to us, but she did talk to Extra, which was right next to us!
Anne plays the female blue Macaw, "Jewel." She makes her singing debute and she has a lovely voice actually!
The only picture I could come up with for Jesse Eisenberg was terrible! And he was one of the people I wanted to see the most!
Jesse Eisenberg plays, "Blu," the last remaining male blue Macaw -- who coincidentally can't fly. His deadpan voice cracks me up throughout the film.
Hooray! My farmer tan picked the best possible moment to show its stuff!!
Me and Leslie Mann, who plays, "Linda," Blu's human friend. She was awesome. We talked to her later in a roundtable interview. *LOVE* her.
Mann Chinese Theater
Outside Grauman's Chinese Theater where we saw the premiere
After we did the blue carpet which was a whirlwind, we headed inside to watch the movie and then had our interviews with Leslie Mann!

Finally, the much awaited video (right?) Here's us on the blue carpet with a cameo by me!

I know, it's shaky, I promise to get better at this!

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