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Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm Paralyzed by My Hair

What's worse than waking up with a bad haircut?

Waking up with a bad haircut and your period!

You're welcome.

I'm not even prefacing today with TMI because that's what today is about.

To say that I'm having a bad hair day is an understatement. I am about to have a bad hair MONTH.

Once again I have entered into the world of the bad haircut only this time I will live in it for 6-8 weeks because there is nothing to be done except have it grow back.

A hat doesn't even work, it just makes me look like a man.

I went in for a really short golden blonde bob and came out with a darker version of I don't even know what. I can't even describe it. There are layers everywhere, one side is one way the other side is another and I HAVEN'T THE FAINTEST what the back is doing.

This morning I thought, "What is the purpose of this hair?" Every side of it is so different there is no rhyme or reason and none of the individual hairs any longer know their own purpose.

I don't even know how to do it. None of it even knows where to go! And I don't know where to put it!

I don't even want to walk outside.

I ran from the car to drop off my son and ran back into the car. It's obvious I got a haircut because I saw the teacher just yesterday and she didn't say anything and that's never a good sign. (Maybe I was so fast she didn't see me? Oh, but we had a quick conversation, she had to have seen me. Maybe she didn't notice? Impossible. Yes I'm talking to myself.)

I want to wear a sign acknowledging the bad haircut so that we can all talk about it together instead of having to know there are secret whispers going on around me. "What did she do? What is THAT? What happened THERE?!" and best of all, "Do you think she knows???"


Gah. Why do bad haircuts follow me around? Why can't I just have normal hair? Why is it so difficult for me to translate what I am looking for? Why is going to get a haircut a game of bad hair roulette?

I'm at a complete loss. Yes I make a big deal about a bad haircut because bad haircuts devastate me. When I was big and large, hair was all I had. It meant to me what shoes mean to me. And when cut well, I have nice hair. I like my hair.

But not today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that.

I'm done. I feel a little better now but not much.

I'll see you all in 6-8 weeks.

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