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Saturday, March 26, 2011

20 Tiny Lincolns

When someone told me my son's entire class was dressing up like a bunch of Abraham Lincolns in the Spring Festival, I nearly died of hilarity.

Their country was North America.

So it made sense.

And then the Spring Festival came and I died of hilarity in real life.

Yep, that's my Lincoln
Lincoln or Quaker? Both?

20 Lincolns all in a row, rapping
My Lincoln. Getting jiggy.
The teachers were Secret Service.

It was awesome.

When I told you they go all out at the Spring Festival, I wasn't kidding.

Look at the White House:
If you were ever wondering what could possibly be built with styrofoam and cardboard, now you know.
And Mount Rushmore:
Made by an amazingly crafty parent (not me. That's way beyond my skillz.)

It looks really big in the picture but it's actually pretty small and you can put your head in the hole and take pictures.

See him? That's my Lincoln.

The whole display was UNBELIEVABLE.

Next stop on the Spring Festival express: the Phillipines! That's my 3 year old's class. My mom and I did their outfits and I can't wait to show you!

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