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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Status of the B.O. And a Crockpot Recipe

I was in full problem solver mode this week.

First, we captured the B.O!

We never did find a "body" but I did take it into the mechanic for a good look-see and spend $45 on his coming up with nothing. (Hooray!) However, he did put in a new air filter. And for the record the filter itself cost just $14 and I'm sure it wasn't $26 worth of labor putting it in because it took longer for the guy to print out my invoice than it did for him to change the filter, but that's neither here nor there.

I guess I should just be thankful that it doesn't appear that I need to hang my head out the window to breathe anymore.

So ok, it was $45 well spent. Fine. He replaced the filter and blew out the leaves.

By the way, apparently dead mushy leaves can have the same stench as a dead animal. Who knew? I sprinkled some Downy sheets around the car and now it smells like Downy freshness. Thanks to @LissaJoy for that idea.

Problem #2: We got our Girl Scout cookies. I tried to ignore the note but she showed up at my door and the kids blew my cover.

Solution: I allow myself 2 cookies a day (one thin mint, one samoa) a day and the two other boxes are going to my parents house where I am sure they will take very good care of them. My 3 year old is always begging me for the "cold cookies," which are the Thin Mints in the freezer.

In other non-problemy news, have I mentioned that our teeball coach is a former MLB pitcher? That's a nice little nugget of information and a pretty good score for our first year ever of tee-ball.

Today is our official "opening day" even though we have had two games already. But I am in my element for sure. Now I know why God gave me boys. Now, if he'll just run to first base instead of petering out halfway there and collapsing onto the ground. I guess that's ok for now. As my dad said, "He's just 4. Now if he were 14, I'd be worried." I would be too.
He looks so stinkin cute I can hardly stand it. Ready position!
Here's a recipe I made up long ago when I first got my crockpot and didn't know what to do with it. I threw a bunch of stuff in a pot and it turned out pretty good. Last night my husband said, "I forgot how much I missed this!" a couple of times, so I guess he really likes it!

And excuse the terrible picture, I have no idea how to make food look yummy in a picture. My brother-in-law once commented on my picture of Penne ala Vodka (calling it Penne ala Vomit). He was right. But it didn't taste that way! And the spanish chicken really is yummy! (Boy I am really selling this recipe here, aren't I? Maybe I should leave the picture off in the future.)

Crock Pot Spanish Chicken

6 (or more) Skinless chicken thighs (I sometimes do boneless too)
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup red wine (any)
Garlic? YES. I put in several tablespoons of it, I'm a garlic-a-holic
1 onion, sliced
Spanish seasoning, I use Chili-Lime Cholula seasoning. I used to use the Cholula Roasted Garlic which was amazing! But they don't make it anymore I think. I'm so sad.

Put sliced onion on bottom of crockpot. Cover both sides of chicken with spanish seasoning. Put the chicken on top of the onions. Sprinkle the garlic everywhere. Pour in the broth and the red wine. DONE.

Put on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4!

Serve on top of yellow or brown rice. This makes a great sauce so make sure you pour the sauce over the rice too! The kids even love it, hooray!


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