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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Running Makes Me a Better Person

My head was hot.

I was all fired up like a caged animal.

I had eaten like crap for days. And had a few too many while I was at it.

Even though it was a rest week, there was no exercise in the forecast, even if I wanted to.

My furrowed brow was out permanently.

Everyone was acting crazy or maybe I was acting crazy in response to somewhat normal (and that's what I'm leaning toward).

Either way, I was at my limit and I needed to get out of the house stat. Just for 30 minutes.

My window appeared in the form of 40 minutes before eating dinner and just a few minutes after getting out of the shower, a most inopportune time. But there was someone to watch the kids for a few minutes and even though my hair was still wet this was it. Take it or leave it. 

I dried my hair, threw on a tee-shirt and pants and literally ran out the door for a 30 minute run with my dad.

I jogged slowly around my sister's quiet North Carolina neighborhood while my dad walked and ran. We found a loop and I sprinted around it as he rounded the corner and then I slowed and we jogged together for a while and then we'd spot a loop and I'd sprint while he jogged or walked and we'd meet up again.

And there came that point somewhere around 15 minutes in after the burn goes away where you feel like you can go forever and ever and it was magical.

All of a sudden our 30 minutes was up but I wanted longer -- so much longer.

But we returned and my head was clear again.

I felt whole.

My patience returned.

And I decided then that running makes me a better person to everyone and it reconfirmed to me why I do it.

I need it.

And it needs me.


Brooke said...

you just made me cry. you have no clue how jealous i am that you can run with your dad. i saw some people at Disney wearing "daughter" and "dad" t-shirts.

Kirsten said...

I know this feeling of it just making the world a more cheerful place.

Mommy Mo said...


Been there, done that, still doing it.

Running makes me a better person, too.

Otherwise I might stab my husband with a fork or some other weird shit, ha ha!!!!

AnnG said...

Awesome that you got to run with your dad and got to get away for a short run!! Sounds like you can survive your vacation now!!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Hi Christie!

I just found your blog (through and saw that you're a former journalist turned stay-at-home-mom – me too! I left my job as a local news anchor about 2 years ago because...well, there were several reasons...but mainly because I wanted to spend more time with my son. Now I also have a baby daughter, and now I know it was the best decision I ever made!

I just have to say, I admire your dedication to running! I am SO not a runner, but wish I was. I also wish I were a little more motivated to lose the rest of the baby weight I'm carrying. (So says the girl who just polished off a little bowl of chocolate-covered Acai berries...hey, there's antioxidants in there, right?)

Kathie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :o)

I am so glad you were able to run with your dad and was able to get away for a short run.

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