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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Poor Old Gingerbread House

OK, friends. I am in a quandary.

I have a 4 year old who when you even mention the idea of sending this once beautiful and flourishing but now poor dilapidated week-old gingerbread house to the giant gingerbread house in the sky, he flips out.

I don't want to crush gingerbread dreams but it has seen its day.

Its shingles have fallen off, there is no roof, it has been condemned and is definitely not up to code. The residents have moved out and removing it from the counter will definitely make way for a nicer something (anything).

What do I do? Too bad so sad? Any creative ideas to let it go? (Have dad do it?) I have pictures of it in its heyday, do you think memories will eventually be enough to soothe his aching 4 year old heart?

Always the Bad Guy.

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Jessi said...

My 4YO and his sister LOVE demolishing hammering it to pieces....when it's time to say good bye! Definitely an OUTDOOR activity!

AnnG said...

I would have to say the house has to be put out of its misery! Let daddy do it!! it seems to go smoother if daddy does these kinds of "dirty jobs"...either that or tell him that you just don't know what happened to it tonight after he goes to bed!

Bug's Mom said...

What if the house left to do something good for humanity. Could you tell him you are donating the housecto a good cause like feeding homeless puppies?

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