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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Team Shut Your Pumpkin Pie Hole

Team Shut Your Pumpkin Pie Hole

Welcome to the new challenge at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and it's a group thing, A HOLIDAY HOEDOWN!

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

To mix it up a little bit, I'm bringing in people from INSIDE MY REAL LIFE!! Worlds are colliding!! My team's made up mostly of my family and friends and we call ourselves, "TEAM Shut Your Pumpkin Pie Hole."


We were encouraged to form our own teams and my fellow shrinkers this go round are as follows: my maw, my paw, my husband, my friend Meghan, my cousin Rachel, her husband and Rachel's friend. I'm so excited!

Now, Mom, I saw that Pepperidge Farms Chocolate Cake in your fridge and I'm totally publicly calling you out on it. (That's the good and bad thing about having your family on a team! Just sayin.)

If you get a chance to say hello to anyone in the TEAM CHICKEN WING team on the 'Hood or on the site, that team is made up of members from my triathlon group! Shrinking Jeans is new to them so show them around and say Hi if you get a chance! Hooray for everyone being involved, it's a big hometown hoedown party for me!

Lucky for me, our first weigh-in was post-race which meant I was UP last week, which means I AM DOWN this week. (Didja get that?) Yep! All the weight I was up last week because I gain weight after every race is gone, so for me that's a 2.5 pound loss. Which is great for the team! But technically speaking it would have been my starting weight had it not been a race week last week.

Last week, our non-fitness challenge was to create goals for the challenge and mine are:
  • Drink lots of water. Have you met my new water bottle yet?  It's bigger than my face. 
  • Strength and core train. A few people from my tri group and I are doing a few group personal training sessions together starting next Thursday (it's cheaper that way) and I so need this. Strength training has been severely lacking in my life and as a personal rule, I should do cardio 5-6 days a week and strength training at least 2. That's what works for me.
  • Pay attention to nutrition for long Disney Marathon training runs and log it.
  • Pay attention to nutrition in general and stop eating FAST FOOD (DAMMIT!)
  • Lose 5 (more) pounds. (Because the first 2.5 didn't really count).
Yes, I'm staring right down the barrel of the holidays and expecting to LOSE weight, NOT gain weight. I'm that brazen. But now that I have people in my real life keeping me in check, I can't go wrong, right? (RIGHT, TEAM SHUT YOUR PUMPKIN PIE HOLE???)

Also, I'm running the Turkey Trot in the morning with my husband and my dad and every year I've made a new pr. The first year, it was 1:12, the second year it was 1 hour exactly and this year I'M CROSSING UNDER AN HOUR! YES I AM! That's my goal. And then I will eat my Thanksgiving feast in moderation. Are you turkey trotting? There's still time to find one and sign up! DO IT!

Now to what I am thankful for. I have a special project for you. Today I will interview my children about what they are thankful for. Will you? The answers are always surprising depending on the day and the mood but tomorrow's post will be about Thankfulness and if you get a chance to ask your own family what they're thankful for and post it, share the link here tomorrow! And if you post about what YOU are thankful for, please share that too!!

I love taking a time out to reflect on the good things in life. There are so many more than we think.

Hope you shrunk today and  hope your to-do list shrinks today too! I'm about to get started on mine....


Becca said...

Awesome job girl! I wish I had signed up for a Turkey Troy but since we're traveling I didn't think about signing up for one in the city we're visiting. hmm Maybe next year?

Trish said...

LOL I really enjoyed reading this! What a great week you had and ohhhhh I can't believe you called your Mom out...ROFL!

Congrats on your loss! WOOT WOOT!

Thea @ Shrinking Jeans said...

Becca - Same day registration? : )

Christy - You win the prize for best team graphic.

Dude, that is a big water bottle.

AnnG said...

Love that you dragged your family into this!! Good for you!! Sounds like you have some great goals in mind for the next few weeks and I know you will meet them because you are that AWESOME!!

Brooke said...

sometimes i think that you're intercepting my thoughts before i write them. or that you're really me and i just don't remember writing them.

then i remember you're way cooler than me so neither of those could be true :P

change the 5 pounds to ten and your goals are exactly like mine. i'd love your wisdom on how to manage them though!

Karena said...

Love this, and LOVE your team name! Also love how you outed your mom on the blog -- you show no mercy!

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