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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Soccer Recap

Soccer is over already??? Our last game of the season just so happened to coordinate with the coldest day of the year here in Florida so far, with temperatures in the 50s which is crazytalk for us because we were in the 90's for Halloween.

But you know I love me some cold weather. (Yes, the fact that I'm posting today about tiny soccer is completely indicative of how I'm trying to keep my mind off the impending 70.3 on Sunday. I'm off painting my nails black and hoping for my new tee-shirt that says "Punish Your Fear" to arrive in the mail...)

I also love tiny soccer and we've seen a lot of progress this season. Yes there was still some of what you see in the above picture, but I tell you, he went after that ball and kept going and kept going like Forrest Gump and I was proud of his persistence at the very least! He kicked it straight and ran hard! Can't argue with that! Hardly have the heart to tell him he's no where near the actual field!

And that's the 4 year old!

My 2 year old, however, has been given a nickname by the other parents: "The Enforcer."

He's the tiniest kid on the team (and the youngest, which makes sense) but by far the most fearless.

While everyone on our team would be afraid of the biggest kid on the other team (and start crying and cowering in fear) my two-year-old, again, the tiniest one, would chestbump the big kid and try to knock him over while getting the ball.

And this is a very fine line here.

While I do not condone the bullying of other players and I would go out on the field and intervene if there was too much manhandling, I gotta say I was pretty happy that he wasn't afraid.

The Enforcer.

I'm going to have to keep an eye on that one.

As for my 4 year old, this season he is actually playing. There are two kids who really play and he is one of them. Mostly.

There was so much more of this than in previous years!!!

And lots of that is really really good. Because last season there was only a little of that. Very little.

But again, there was still some of this:
Well, a lot of this, from The Enforcer anyway. When he wasn't, well, enforcing.
And I really don't know what this is but this went on for a while and was one of my most proud mommy moments of the game (read: the ones where I was cowering behind my husband wondering whose child this was because it definitely was not mine):

There was also some sort of prancing going on with this and this is most definitely not the arena for prancing but I guess in tiny soccer anything goes, whether it's prancing, digging, skipping, running in the complete opposite direction of any soccer playing whatsoever, sitting inside the goals (or on top of them), rock collecting... ok so it's been an eventful tiny soccer season.

But anyways the season was summed up in a neat package with this and if the sheer joy on his face doesn't explain it all I don't know what does:
And I'm good with that. Cause that's what we're going for in tiny soccer.

Tiny soccer season: success.

Cheers! And a little hot chocolate for us cold Floridians. (I know, I know, you don't feel bad for us, you told me that already...)

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AnnG said...

They are the cutest little soccer players I have ever seen!! And don't sweat this are ready and YOU ARE GONNA ROCK!!

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