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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Inaugural SUPER Mom of the Month!

The whole purpose behind Average Moms Wear Capes is to celebrate the work that moms everywhere are doing!! I had an epiphany about motherhood last month and I got a chance to share it with my own mom, the first woman in my life ever to wear a cape. You can read about it here if you want.

Here at my blog, I want to give moms a pat on the back where they would have otherwise gone underappreciated.

I want to say, "Hey, you over there! I didn't get a chance to shower today either! But you're kicking butt and looking hot today anyway!" or "Hey, you over there! I saw how you just handled that tantrum and man you're awesome. You didn't even break a sweat!" or "Hey, you over there! Did you really just juggle all of that and do it all with grace and ease? High five!" or even, "Hey, you over there! I know that was really uncomfortable and that was a risk and those choices are the hardest ones to make, but you're a strong, amazing woman for doing it all and coming out on the other side!"

So many of these moments go unnoticed, but I want to notice them. And I want you to notice them too. We're a team in the trenches of motherhood and it's time to celebrate!

This month is September and it's the very first month I'm highlighting a mom! It's the inaugural Super Mom of the Month!

This month, I'm choosing her myself and it is Beki, from Wild Child Gone Good.
I choose Beki because she is an amazing mother of two and a last year law student and I saw her on video doing a mock trial (or something legalish like that). She has become a bigtime runner and fitness enthusiast and is about to break 100 pushups in the 100 Pushup Challenge. She just beat her goal time for her very first half-marathon over the weekend and boy did she kick some butt! She even looked cute doing it! Amazing job, girl! Seriously!

She is doing a fundraiser a lot like mine, running on a treadmill all day in a public place to raise money to fight cancer for her Wine Country 1/2 Marathon, but her event has turned into an entire fitness fair! Go Beki! She has great sponsors and giveaways and is going to wear whatever you choose on the treadmill if you vote by Friday (vote here.) Her event is coming up next week so go there and help a sister out!!!

What I love about Beki is that she's strong. She is persistent. She's bold. She has made and reached some amazing goals in her life and in fitness. When I think of someone whose cape is definitely showing, I think of Beki. She might say out loud that she's afraid of something, but what she really shows is fearlessness and I admire her for it. This mom needs a high five. Go high five her! So Beki, you ARE a SUPER MOM, with all you do and all you are! Grab this little picturebutton and go celebrate yourself!!! If I were on the west coast, I'd take you out for a cocktail!

I'm currently taking nominations for October, so if you have noticed a mom showing her cape out loud, email me all about her awesomeness at!


josie said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Congratulations Beki!

~Mendie~ said...

yeah....Beki is awesome! I have no clue how she juggles everything, but I hope she'll give me pointers someday!

Audrey said...

Beki is a rock star! Great choice!

Brooke said...

perfect timing...just days after her half. ((((Beki))))) ((((Christie O)))))

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