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Friday, September 17, 2010

And Ode to 35: A Birthday Poem.


34 was so much fun
It turned out I like to run!
But I know 35 is better,
Just look at that cool Eddie Vedder! (Who's actually much older and wears white pants now, but still. Older is better and that's the point!)

Thought my 20's were the bomb,
Turning 30 -tried to remain calm.
Then 31,32,33
And two babies, (poop and pee.)

Then came all that baby fat
Didn't know this was part of that!
But it is and I embraced
then kicked it off and raced and raced!

No, I never win a thing
But so much happiness does it bring.
Nothing tops it at the races
Like seeing my two babies' faces!

We have a house and it's a home,
We even have a garden gnome.
A minivan and that makes sense,
We even have a picket fence (it's not white, though.)

Life is so much different now,
If you told me then, I'd have said WOW!
But nope, I wouldn't change a thing.
My life started with that ring.

I've had my share of helmet heads
What was I thinking (was I on meds?)
But life sure wouldn't be complete
Without bad perms (rinse and repeat!).

Life means coffee, laughs and tears,
It just gets better over the years.
Excited for what 35 brings!!
As long as it's not a pair of  Mom Jeans. (I'll have to work on that one.)


Bari said...

Christie-I love this poem and I love you. Thank you for all the support you've given me this year. You seriously do rock (you even rocked that perm and helmet hair!). I hope you have the most special of birthdays and that your family spoils you rotten. MWAH!

Jessi said...

LOVE the poem (and the 'do's--you were definitely NOT alone)! Happy Birthday!

Kirsten said...

I don't miss the big hair at all, but you, my dear, are 100% awesome. I'm so excited for your half ironman. I'm even more excited about seeing you again at Disney. 35 is going to be a great year for you!

Pubsgal said...

Happy Birthday, IronHumanitarianHotMama!!! Loved the poem! Oh, how it made me laugh! (And hey, I had that hair, too!)

And LOVE YOU, too! Hope you enjoy a wonderful day, and that each year keeps getting better & better! (I think they will - you deserve it!)

Kathy said...

I do remember some of those do's, you weren't alone! Love the poem, happy birthday Christie!

*Lissa* said...

LOVE IT!! And you give me hope for 35. ;p

Nicole Dufala, Remax Realtec said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Happy Birthday to one of the few people in my life that make me feel normal. Love ya, GURL! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!

jen said...

Happy Birthday!!!

april said...

Happy Birthday, my superhero!!!!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Happy Birthday the hair is hilarious. I mean that in the nicest way possible. LOL

Roo said...

Love this poem! Happy Birthday!

Saretta said...

Aw, 35? You're just a baby still! Nice poem!

Anonymous said...

Dude. The hair. Awesome.

I hope you had a marvelously wonderful birthday!!

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