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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ryder's Sunglasses: A Review (Giveaway!) and Guest-Post by my Husband!

It's review day!! And it truly is a history day in the O'House, today is the first post ever to make it on my blog by my husband, the guest non-blogger that he is! Hooray!

He has agreed to do a review on Ryder's sunglasses, which looked pretty cool and arrived in a really cute little pouch case thingy (I love it when that happens!)

So please stand by for the musings and stylings of Evan O. and his review of the Ryder's Swerve Pro Sunglasses (and kindly hold your applause till the end.)

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Swerve Pro sunglasses from Ryder was how light they were and the solid construction of the frame. There are small gaps between the lenses and the frame which struck me as odd but I’ll address that later.

I put the glasses on and they were quite comfortable. I put the sunglasses to the test on a 40 mile bike/ 3 mile run workout.

I set out on my ride at 7am and as the sun rose ahead of me, the glasses did an excellent job of reducing the glare of the oncoming light. I was also really impressed with the clarity of detail when using these, which is indicative of high quality optics. The lenses are photochromatic which means as the light levels increase the lenses become darker which is also a plus.

After riding for about an hour I discovered that the small gaps between the lenses and the frame help circulate air behind the lens which led to no fogging of the lens and helped dry up any sweat that got on the lenses.

When I transitioned from the bike to the run the glasses were very stable on my head as I ran. Not too tight, the fit was just right.

Bottom line, the Swerve Pro is an excellent set of sunglasses for training on the bike or the run. If you feel the need to dial in the fit, Ryders offers other models that have all of the features of the Swerve Pro with the additional benefit of adjustable nose pads and temple tips.

* * *

*cue applause* I love him. He's so official, isn't he? So cute! That's my engineer, not missing any details! 
loliteWell now to the good part, I GOT A PAIR HERE FOR A LUCKY WINNER! They're a little different from his, the pair we're giving away are the "Lolite" model and here are the specs:

  •  anti-slip nose pads

  • temple tips

  • gray polycarbonate lenses

  • 100% UV protection

  • designed for outside sports

  • shatterproof

I love them and I am jealous. They're a little more girlie and by that I mean big, but I'm pretty sure they're still unisex and they also come with a little pouch-case-y thing too.

Here are the rules for the giveaway:
  • Leave a comment about your sunglass experience and what you love.
  • Tweet about the giveaway for a second entry.
  • Blog about the giveaway and leave the link in the comments for a third entry.
  • Follow me! Wooohoo! (And I'll follow you too, by the way.)
Four entries! Giveaway closes next Friday at 12 a.m. ET! I'll CHOOSE THE WINNER creatively from LAS VEGAS and announce the winner on Saturday!!
* * *
The winner of the necklace from my Etsy shop, "Inspire Me, Chic" is The Doll at Shepdogg: One P, Double G! Choose your necklace and e-mail me!! Congrats!


Tami @ said...

My sunglasses are broken! I prefer glasses that have the wide sides. I'd love to win!

Tami @ said...

Here's my tweet:

Tami @ said...

I'm following you via Google Friend Connect!

Kirsten said...

I have never run with sunglasses before because when I only wore glasses (PRE-PRK) they bounced and slipped down my face. Also I'm cheap. So I'd love to win a pair.

Bacardi Mama said...

I would love to win these because I have the exact problem that your hubby talked about...the fogging up of the lenses. it happens everytime I walk/run. By the way, I loved his review.

Bacardi Mama said...

I already follow you.

Bacardi Mama said...

Just tweeted.

Canadian runner said...

I have yet to find a pair that fits comfortably. I have the fogging up problem as well when I wear glasses running.. maybe the ones I use are just too fashionable. :)

Canadian runner said...

I am follower.

Canadian runner said...

I posted the link on my blog

Canadian runner said...

I posted it on twitter

*Lissa* said...

Hooray, Evan! Encore, encore!

The only kind of sunglasses I have been able to wear in my whole life without getting a headache are Serengetti. They frickin' rock.

*Lissa* said...


Audrey said...

So I have a super long sunglasses story but I'll try to condense it. I love sunglasses like I love purses and I will wear them out. I buy like 20 a year. Ok, I'm exaggerating but I go through A LOT of sunglasses. I always made fun of my husbands because he has the same Maui Jims from like 10+ years ago. I didn't get the concept - I mean sunglasses are sunglasses right? Ummmm, NO. I now own a pair of Maui Jims and I treat them like fine jewelry. Like Melissa, no headaches which is awesome. But those babies I'd probably never wear when exercising for fear or losing or breaking them and they are my go-to driving glasses. That being said I'd love to win cause I love me some sunglasses. :)

Audrey said...

Follower :)

Audrey said...


Melissa said...

I always have the fogging up issue as well. I've bought so many different pairs of sunglasses over the years trying to find a pair that wouldn't fog up. I would love to win these to give them a try!

Melissa said...

I already follow your blog using Google Reader.

Melissa said...


Tiffany said...

I have YET to find a pair of sunglasses that I really like and can wear without getting a headache, much less can exercise in. These look great and I would love to give them a try!

~Mendie~ said...

I just have cheapie target sunglasses, but love the idea of sliproof ones!

Great review Mr O!

The Doll said...

I have always just bought cheap sunglasses. My current ones never stay clean and fog up all the time. I can’t run in them because they slip off my face so I always go with out.

Thanks for the review Mr. O!

Brooke said...

i paid $0.00 for both pair of sunglasses. my sport glasses are a pair of oakleys that my dad found at the park - he was working for the city and was on park cleanup duty. they were missing part of their sides and he cut 2 black tubes to make them wearable.

my regular sunglasses were left behind by a client of jay's. by the time he cleaned out his vehicle, she had already returned home

The Doll said...


The Doll said...

I'm a follower.

Anonymous said...

I'm super sensitive to sunlight so I'm ALWAYS in sunglasses. But I have a tendency to lose them so I try to find the cheapest pairs I can!

Anonymous said...

I follow you!

Tiffany said...

I'm a follower!

Tiffany said...

Tweet, tweet!

Jessi said...

Oh, I'm in need of a new pair of running sunglasses...BAD! While I do love the pair I currently use (Oakley), they are over 10 years old! Eeek! But they've never fogged up or slid/bounced around, which is super important to me. :-) Definitely interested in trying a little something different.

Jessi said...

And you know I follow you.....

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