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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Am About to Run the Strip

The Las Vegas strip is 4.2 miles long and I can't just blow off the 12 mile run on Coach Joe's schedule (can I?) although from where I am sitting right now in my bed it is tempting.

So we're running the strip 2 1/2 times. I am bringing a camera cause this is a perfect destination run right? If I can catch my breath I'll post pictures along the way. And I will be drawing the winner from the sunglass giveaway sometime today using some form of Las Vegas-ness and posting that. And at some point there will be jumping into the lazy river pool and some nails and some more $5 tables and then some nighttime debauchery.  I keep suggesting a vow renewal by Elvis and I don't think he realizes I'm serious.

Anyway it is early here (or late depending on which side of Vegas you're seeing). But we expect to see a lot of stumbling because those are the only people awake at 630 a.m. here, says my husband who just returned from getting coffee.

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*Lissa* said...

You're crazy. ;p But I love you anyway.

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