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Monday, August 09, 2010

Mantra Mondays Making a Comeback.

PhotobucketWhen I first began Mantra Mondays at my previous blog, Baby Tea Leaves, it was because I needed to inspire myself. On a daily basis.

I needed to start my week on a good note and I needed find myself a mantra to keep me going. I needed to set myself up for success.

I loved doing Mantra Monday so much and many of you joined me and I loved reading your mantras, they inspired me too. Then, Mantra Monday took a short hiatus, but when some of you e-mailed me about bringing it back, I got all excited like Jojo the idiot circus boy with a pretty new pet! Because I still need all those things, maybe now more than ever. And I believe we need each other to fuel inspiration.

Because inspiration is like a big furnace that needs constant attention and fuel to stay lit. When the inspiration runs out, the fire runs out and it's hard to keep firing up the furnace all on your own. You run low on fuel, you run low on energy, you need partners. You need those little sparks of inspiration to keep that fire lit.

At least I do.

So starting next week, I'm going to bring back Mantra Mondays, won't you join me? Grab a button on the sidebar, post about it and you can link up your entry in the comments so we can visit each other. Your mantra can be anything, from lyrics from a song, to just one word, to movie lines, whatever you can use for whatever purpose you need it for. Starting the week off with a mantra full well knowing what is "planned" ahead for the week can help you face whatever you're about to face head on. And then a little extra when life throws something unexpected at you.

Hope to see you next week and each Monday after! Happy Mantra Monday!


Stephanie said...

I'm in! I heart Mantra Mondays. :) I've updated all my here we go. find a topic for this week. hrmmmmmm

Jessi said...

I can't guarantee that I will have a mantra to contribute but I love the idea!

Brooke said...

i might blog it this week even though you're not officially linking up. i watched a stupid funny movie this weekend, but it had a good message - one that I need to hear.

Dianne said...

My Mantra is:
Do the RIGHT thing
With the RIGHT people
For the RIGHT reason

Pubsgal said...

I think my mantra for the upcoming week is based on the "Agent P" song:

"She's a semi-aquatic, 2-legged mammal of ACTion!"

Because I need to be heroic and make sure my cape is in good working order this week (and yet have something funny so I don't take myself too seriously), and not just because I've got a tri on Saturday. I'll be taking the kids on a road trip solo to my parents. It will be fine, and there will be lots of swimming. But I'm bummed that I won't have my Mr. with me; he is heading back to Michigan for his auntie's funeral. :-(

MarjnHomer said...

im in for mantra mondays. can i get a reminder before then. that would be wonderful..thnx. my email is hope to hear from you soon

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